MAK Crewing’s working with merchant, offshore and tanker fleet. Our Ship Management is a holistic process covering the entire aspects of shipping covering a wide range of vessels. Be it a offshore fleet, cargo container, or a fuel tanker, a barge or bulk carrier, we ensure that every specific requirements are addressed adequately to offer you a smart management solution. Our ship management team is consisting of highly honed human resource with excellent exposure to different types of carrier vessels. We ensure that there is an appropriate proportion of staff so that the entire shipment is conducted in a time-efficient and effective manner. We focus on asset protection and ensure you a safe and highly reliable maritime activity abiding all sorts of International Maritime laws.


  1. Our selection procedures strictly adhere to the STCW95 conventions and ISM codes.
  2. The company follows the one nationality as well as mixed crew policy as per client’s requirement. Hence most of the crew are one nationals and speak marine English.
  3. We strictly recruit those crews who have good communication skill, well educated, trained, disciplined and hardworking.
  4. The selection of best candidates is done by taking into consideration the type of vessel, cargo carried, trade route, past experience of the candidates on similar type of vessels, etc.

When there is such a hoard of Ship Management companies for every need of crew management, or crew recruitment or even shipping management, it’s quite obvious query that why should you choose MAK? Well the answer is not that complicated and here are a few advantages that you could gain if you are thinking us as your crew manager or ship manager for the next venture!

  1. We extend our services for an array of vessels as per the specific needs.
  2. We are transparent in our operation and ensure that you receive the best quality delivered with the most efficient management from our team.
  3. We know how an effective management could deliver advantages both in terms of economic and customer satisfaction levels.
  4. We have garnered a strong core value of ethical and legitimate business practices and we ensure that you receive nothing but the best when it comes about ship and crew management from us.

Our basic strengths are:

  1. Highly honed recruiters with wide exposure to the exact technical requirements
  2. Transparent documentations
  3. Latest International Standardization for Quality Norms
  4. International Competency Analysis and recruitment standardization
  5. Deep knowledge of International Maritime Regulations and MLC guidelines etc…
  6. Comprehensive understanding of marine vessels and specific crew requirements

With such versatile core strengths, we envisage of provisioning One Stop Solution for all type of crew manning solution and marine demands. With a wider area of exposure to various safety and operational standards, we provide you the best team to manage your maritime activities.

We pride ourselves in offering you a composite range of solutions spreading over crew management, Ship agency, Ship management and many other factors.. With a comprehensive range of solutions, we boast ourselves as “the solution provider” for maritime movements.

Why should you Choose us:

  1. We are honest, ethical and have an efficient team with critical understanding
  2. We are highly transparent in our work domain
  3. We work like a representative in the country for all our clients and associated principals
  4. We ensure standard international safety regulations for asset management
  5. We ensure a team competent enough to provide optimum output
  6. We are fast, responsive and punctual
  7. We are trained, skilled and certified
  8. We ensure an economically efficient performance
  9. Above all we value our commitment and make sure to live up to your expectations
  10. We are the best in Time Management and make sure you reap the optimum benefit of your time with us

Our team is committed for a performance that is highly impeccable in service and is exactly as per the international norms. Your crew and ship management is always maintained as a priority front with our immediate and attentive actions.

Need to know us a little better? Call us to for an appointment or meet our team online!